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seminars, events, exhibitions, network and investment opportunities and much more


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Monthly meetups taking place in the Kitchener Waterloo Innovation Center. In the heart of a world renowned communityfor innovation and collaboration. With the highest concentration of startups in the world.

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What do people have to say:

Blockchain is a remarkable achievment and has enourmous value Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google
Blockchain-enabled, decentralized networks encourage the creation of available data - essentially because individual data silos are replaced by a shared and accurate ledger - which can be leveraged to train better AI models. For example, a consortium of banks sharing credit card usage data via a shared ledger might be expected to lead to improved, faster and more accurate fraud detection. Trent McConaghy
Considering blockchain and deep learning together suggests the emergence of a new class of global network computing system. These systems are self-operating computation graphs that make probabilistic guesses about reality states of the world. Blockchain and deep learning are facilitating each other’s development. This includes using deep learning algorithms for setting fees and detecting fraudulent activity, and using blockchains for secure registry, tracking, and remuneration of deep learning nets as they go onto the open Internet (in autonomous driving applications for example). Melanie Swan


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